21 November 2013

Trying to find the in-betweens

[All-time favorite scene from 17 Again, with perfect background music by Cat Power.]

[It is what it is]

How could I forget the day we discovered "anodyne"?

[I place a very strong belief in notions relating to kismet, fate, destiny etc. I also believe in the idea of a "soul mate" and I believe even more that we will all eventually meet one, and even several. This person will be someone we can connect with on levels of unimaginable depth.]

"You were there for me for so long making me laugh while I was in tears. I will never let anyone take your place, cause you’re the best friend I’ve got. You laugh at my stupid jokes, put up with my worst moods, go along with my crazy ideas and you still manage to see the best in me."

"I know there are times when I’m actually hard to be with. You fall in love with someone who has so many problems and I just want to say thank you for being there for me despite reasons not to. I have a lot of flaws that could have pushed you away, but you’re still there, trying to keep me."
[Thank you]

I was just thinking about how love is really a lot like drugs. They're detrimental to you and yet they bring you a kind of high nothing else can. And when you try to kick the addiction you've to go cold turkey and cold turkey brings out all the withdrawal symptoms and these things hurt like hell. And if you're lucky you make it out alive. I guess we aren't all always that lucky.

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