08 November 2013

And the arms of the ocean are carrying me

Today I had one of those "perfect moments". I was just crossing the road and i was standing on that erected strip of cement (the one that separates both sides of the road) when suddenly I saw an old friend. The sun was glistening and I called out his name and that moment of instantaneous recognition was amazing. And there we were in the middle of busy roads, saying hi and greeting each other with a long-time-no-see hug. It was a beautiful moment. Then I crossed over to the other side of the road with him (even when I was actually headed the other direction) and we had a short catch-up and it was really just small chit-chat but we were both trying to find the right words and things to talk about, all in the name of preserving that moment. So after about 3 minutes of chit-chat we parted ways, this time with a i'll-see-you-around-soon hug. Funny how hugs can convey so many different meanings in so many different contexts. And about 5 minutes following our parting I was standing alone when I caught a whiff of something...sweet. I sniffed about a bit more and I realized it was coming from my hair. I caught a whiff of you through my hair. Apparently with our little hugs some of his smell had rubbed off me and it was really nice, because it smelled really good. First of all he smelled the same as before, which signifies this: certain things really don't change. And this smell flashed my mind back to the days where we used to hang around together, the little moments where I'd compliment him on smelling so good. Good old friends, good old times. Amazing how a little scent can bring back so many memories and feelings.

There are lots of things i've done i fervently wish to undo; there are lots of things i've done i wish i could re-do and relive. Sometimes i wish i could go back to the same place and do it all over again...but sometimes going back to the same place means nothing when the people are no longer the same, anyway.

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