24 November 2013

falling through feathers

"'I knew you'd come back to me,' I said, and I crouched and went towards him but he immediately recoiled. I suddenly understood. This was the agreement, the same one my brother had made: I am here but I am not yours; and the rabbit hopped towards the forest and disappeared as quickly as an uninterrupted dream."

"I found the guy that loves me for my personality, and not just my body. I found the guy who loves the idea of spending a Friday night in with me, watching movies. I found the guy who accepts the fact that I have “my days” and that I’m completely insecure at times. I found the guy that will buy me something just because he was thinking about me. I found the guy that will be my best friend and my boyfriend, who knows all my secrets, inside and out, and still loves me more than I know."
[Sometimes even I can't decide if I truly wish to undo everything we once had.]

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