12 April 2014

something of my own creation

need someone to constantly throw me off


you're more than i can believe would ever come my way

these quicksand emotions, slowly but surely im sinking, i know

i just refuse to keep you out of sight, out of mind

(im) sickening

04 April 2014

...Except that suffering is exact...

Lie on your favorite side
Pull the blankets over your head,
Cover up
Just enough to smother, mildly
Just enough to suffocate, lightly
Shallow breaths
Choke a little
Easy, easy
Choke a little harder
Slowly, slowly
Bite that thumb
Hold it back
Blink, blink, blink
It gets a little wet,
a little messy,
drip-drip-drip dry,
Steady, steady...