17 November 2013

And i'm not giving up, just giving in.

What's up
Oh nothing just me kinda sure I might actually possibly like you (in every romantic sense of the word)

What is love?

Me: Putting the adapter next to my sleeping cat when i'm charging my laptop on a rainy day because I know she loves the warmth and oh look there she is fast asleep cuddling the adapter like we would our bolsters.

Cat: Waking up from my deep slumber the moment I hear your voice and detect your scent, just to walk out and say hi to you even if you're away/i'm alone at home most of the time. Love is bearing no grudges and giving all you have, even if it is not always mutual.

Dad: Rubbing ointment on my daughter's foot when it hurts.

Just me putting myself in their shoes and walking in them.

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