01 October 2016

Elastic heart

No longer recognize the concept of Sufficiency - when is Enough really Enough anymore?
Sufficient conditions are not necessary conditions.
So when do I know to walk away, and how?

"I love you but i don't like being with you."

Did the math. Been through these mental arithmetic so many times, repressing truth values, bending my truth conditions and came up with a table tailored to my fit: false false false false false false false.

Fight fight fight fight flight fight fight fight

Always was flight from me to you: that was my biggest gift; the brightest part of this maybe scrunched up, twisted plot peppered with ferocity but surely: undying love.

I never know to walk away because Exits don't exist in this architecture. I never know Enough because i elasticize: push pull push pull push push push pull - snap.
Snapping? Now i know why it hurts, how it hurts; i just don't know who hurt(s).

stop snapping at me!
snap out of it!

Snap out of it
Snap out of it
Snap out of it
Snap out of it
Snap out of it

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